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Erika Johansson - Healer & Teacher of Theta Healing



I am passionate about releasing anything that is in the way of having the most wonderful life, I am passionate about doing it for myself and I am absolutely passionate about working with you to do the same, to transform your life, to help you live in joy, happiness and peace, to have your dream life.

We are all here to live in true joy and happiness, to have our dream lives and thoroughly enjoy this experience on earth.

To live feeling

Your kind words

Erika as a teacher. 

Surprised at how fast it was to learn.

“Theta healing is one of the most powerful, efficient and targeted forms of therapy I know. It released in minutes what has taken me years in psychotherapy. In a nutshell, it’s like belief system transplant. We identified belief systems that get in my way, released them, then replaced them with positive ones.

It’s really that easy!

Totally painless in that it didn’t force me to relive my traumas (thank God!) and I immediately felt lighter, happier, and much more liberated. I’ve noticed major shifts in my relationships, my decision-making
and my self-worth after just one session.”

Petra Hui

Ubud, Bali

“I have undergone a lot of healing in my life trying countless alternative therapies in a desperate hope to get to the bottom of certain issues. I can tell with certainty that no therapist ever worked the miracles that Erika did.

She did in three sessions what a year of counseling and four years of personal development and NLP have not done for me.
And she 
definitely posses a bucketful of patience and compassion.

She is a Godsend and I will be forever grateful to her.”



“Erika is amazing, I am beyond grateful for my session with her – mine was absolutely life changing!! Two days after releasing a deeply held self limiting belief, I was able to to finally let go of self sabotaging behaviour, which brought me back to my full power.

Erika is such a warm, and loving person, holding the transformational space with love and compassion and her intuition is absolutely spot on! She truly is a gift. “



Seriously, if you ever get the chance to work with Erika, DO it. This woman is a manifesting GENIOUS!
My life is like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory 
at the moment.”




One morning I woke up and had an epiphany. It was so clear, I had spent years trying to push through my many blocks without succeeding, like hitting my head against a concrete wall. I finally understood, I needed to spend all that time and energy on removing those blocks and instead just have life beautifully unfold itself before me. It worked and it was like the sun coming out after years of rain and clouds…pure bliss!!!

I am now passionate about releasing anything that is in the way of having the most wonderful life and I am absolutely passionate about working with you to do the same, to transform your life, to help you live in joy, happiness, and peace, to have your dream life.