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Kind words - Erika Johansson
Erika as a teacher.
Surprised at how fast it was to learn. 
What did you enjoy?
What shifted?
Did you have experience of Theta Healing before?
How will you use it?
Who should do this?
“Seriously, if you ever get the chance to work with Erika, DO it. This woman is a manifesting GENIOUS! My life is like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory at the moment.”   


I joined a workshop in Taksu offered by Erika and it was life-changing for me. I immediately felt better about myself, my self image and overall self worth. I decided to receive more individual sessions from her, which made a greater impact on my level of inner peace, happiness, joy, abundance and hope. I definitely recommend her workshops and sessions to anyone who wants to do rapid changes in their lives.
Arzu Durukan


“Magically, painlessly and completely released blocks so old and deep
I didn’t even realise they were there. This is powerful and yet incredibly gentle work. I can’t recommend Erika highly enough!”


I want to give a special mention to Erika one of their Theta healers. I went to a free information evening where I met Erika and was able to see for myself the magic / healing she can perform within as little as an hour. Erika helps turn-around limiting beliefs through theta healing and I was so impressed that I booked several sessions with her after. I made a huge breakthrough within one session and even although I have left Bali I’m still working with her via Skype (yes, she’s that good). The facilities at Taksu are absolutely beautiful – calming and very comfortable and I always enjoyed spending time there.
Louise Graham


“I have undergone a lot of healing in my life trying countless alternative therapies in a desperate hope to get to the bottom of certain issues. I can tell with certainty that no therapist ever worked the miracles that Erika’s did. To me, she is not just a healer but also a light worker, someone who uses her insight and intuition to guide people towards the light of their own being whilst effortlessly stripping the person of their blockages. When I attended my first session clueless as to what to expect, Erika’s loving and caring nature put me immediately at ease, and I knew I am safe and can let go without being judged. She enabled me not just to create change but also to recreate myself at such depths and speed that I wouldn’t have thought possible. She did in three sessions what a year of counseling and four years of personal development & NLP have not done for me. And she definitely posses a bucketful of patience and compassion. She is a Godsend and I’ll be forever grateful to her.”


 …I also highly recommend the Theta Healing with Erika. My life has changed drastically, from failure and depression to happiness and success. Truly amazing stuff! I cannot recommend this highly enough, I’ve been doing things like this for over 10 years, and I’ve never come across something this effective when it comes to freeing yourself from negative patterns of belief. It’s like “karma-clear”, swish and its gone!
Sindre Vasu


I went to Ubud for a detox retreat that included several different activities and sessions, such as yoga, meditation, massages, sauna etc. I decided to visit a healer while in Ubud to see if I could get some clarity I hadn’t had previously. I searched the web for different types of healers and their specialities and recommendations. Erika had received some very positive reviews, so I looked into Theta Healing practices and decided to make a few appointments with her.

I am very happy, I did that! While I did not know exactly what to expect, except some insights into my current situation, I was not disappointed. Erika used a simple technique to bypass my brain by asking verbal questions but receiving the answers from my physical reaction. She meditated briefly at times to focus on some possible answers, and I was impressed at how well she could provide useful insight and suggestions to how I could move forward. Even after the first session, I left Taksu feeling lighter and calmer. I will recommend more than one session. As with all personal development, the first meeting will help with the immediate symptoms you feel, but the second and third time I met with Erika, we dealt with root causes more than symptoms, and I left the third session feeling I had gone through a bigger development process in a couple of days than I had gone through the past two years (also, Erika has a very good offer if you choose to see her, for example, three times).

I will say that these good results are also partly contributed to my ten-day detox retreat, my readiness and openness to Erika’s methods, and my interest in becoming more aware of how my mind affects my state of being. If you are in a similar state, I have no doubt Erika can help you move forward on your journey! I look forward to seeing her the next time I go to Ubud.



 …after 8 hours of dancing, and saying goodbye to my friends again and again, I took the boat trip to Had Riin. It was the first time on the water without fear and butterflies in my stomach…I really enjoyed it!!! Yay, Theta Healing works!!! Thanks Erika.!
Rashmi Lia Bolte


Erika Johansson – Theta healing. Erika working with me was amazing. She assisted me to get to some core issues that have been running my life and eliminated the blockages. I feel so much freer in ways I am only experiencing for the first time in my life. It’s like the control button is off. I am so grateful for meeting Erika and for what she has done for me.
Taksu spa is a unique and special environment, I recommend high!


“Just had the most wonderful Theta healing session with Erika, I had no idea what to expect but have left having shifted so much In such a small space of time. Thank you xxx
Esther Benwell


Beautiful Theta Session with Erika 

I had uplifting and life-changing experience with Erika during Theta session we did together. I could sense her positive vibe and I felt the warmth in my chest during the session, it was like her positive energy reached through me. Haven’t experienced anything like this and I stepped out the place feeling so much lighter and happier. My energy shifted to positive one and I couldn’t be grateful enough for Theta session I did with Erika.



I have had the G R E A T pleasure to have some sessions with Erika Devi Johansson who works with Theta Healing. Amazing person – amazing healer and great result! Felt very at ease and relaxed in Erika’s sessions and I am VERY pleased and happy with the result… Cannot believe how easy it was to get efficient help with all that old stuff within that I thought was “impossible” to deal with! And how much joy and happiness Erika added to the session and to my “new” life!
Catharina Dittschlag


Could not recommend the skills of this intuitive practitioner any more highly. She offers great workshops in all areas where one may have blockages. I recommend going along to any of her introductory talks and no matter what you are looking to clear or move forward on in your life I am sure Erika will be able to help you… With this gorgeous human being, you are in very reliable hands…
Virginia Kristofferson


Theta healing is one of the most powerful, efficient and targeted forms of therapy I know. It released in minutes what has taken me years in psychotherapy.

In a nutshell it’s like belief system transplant. We identified belief systems that get in my way, released them, then replaced them with positive ones. It’s really that easy! Totally painless, didn’t force me to relive my traumas (thank God!) and I immediately felt lighter, happier, and much more liberated. I’ve noticed major shifts in my relationships, my decision-making and my self-worth after just one session.

Petra Hui


I particularly enjoyed my private Theta healing session with Erika Johansson: it was very powerful and helpful. She is a very beautiful intuitive and nurturing person with an extensive experience in the coaching field that allows her to be spot on in her questions and directions in order to identify limiting belief and help you transform them through the theta healing method.
Shanti Turtle


Cannot recommend Erika Johansson’s Theta healing practice enough. She has helped me shift and heal long term issues I’ve struggled with in such a safe, accepting manner that I felt at ease in every session. Thanks Erika!
Joel Kervella


Erika Johansson´s Theta Healing sessions are highly recommendable. I had several sessions with her, working on issues from childhood that was still affecting me today. Erika is playful and gentle, with a strong intuition. Although the issues we worked on were often heavy, the sessions were quite smooth, and many of these things affect me much less today as a result of the sessions. When working, I had the sense that Erika was right there with me, being very much present to my inner experience. This sense of a ”shared space” was very healing. She also helped me achieve a big accomplishment in my work, by offering encouragement and her intuition on what was needed, which turned out to be accurate.
Andreas Aubert


I have now attended two of Erika’s Theta healing courses and a private Theta healing session and I would highly recommend all. Erika is very knowledgeable and passionate on this subject. She provides a learning environment that is friendly, open and comfortable. Erika is a true professional with fantastic teaching skills and healing abilities. I have come away from the courses feeling very confident in the subject matter. I would have no hesitation in referring clients to Erika. 

San Diego

We would like to thank Erika and Theta Healing for life changing healing at the beautiful Taksu. With her compassionate and caring nature you feel very relaxed and enjoy the Theta Healing experience. Erika is a true healer who is spot on with her insights. I know she has also helped family and friends, giving insight into the limiting beliefs that are holding us back from our true joy in a very powerful and efficient way. The tools that are given help you to carry on the good work after leaving Bali and I’m looking forward to learning more about Theta Healing. I would highly recommend seeing Erika to anyone; it’s the best gift you can give yourself.


Studying theta healing under the tutelage of the lovely gentle soul that is Erika, was an experience that I can truly say changed the way I viewed my life.

In such a short period of time (3 day course) I learned so much about myself, and the ways, positively & negatively that I interacted with the world around me. Far from the hippies I imagined, the course was well presented, thought out & professionally delivered. I didn’t really go there to navel gaze but the experience I had shifted my world on its axis.

I could not recommend Erika or the courses she teaches more highly, and if you get the chance please do yourself the favour and book a one on one session with her.

We would like to thank Erika and Theta Healing for life changing healing at the beautiful Taksu. With her compassionate and caring nature you feel very relaxed and enjoy the Theta Healing experience. Erika is a true healer who is spot on with her insights. I know she has also helped family and friends, giving insight into the limiting beliefs that are holding us back from our true joy in a very powerful and efficient way. The tools that are given help you to carry on the good work after leaving Bali and I’m looking forward to learning more about Theta Healing. I would highly recommend seeing Erika to anyone; it’s the best gift you can give yourself.



I did a healing session with Erika after being recommended it by my wife while we were on vacation in Ubud. Although I come from a traditional academic and business background & am not involved in the holistic healing and approach to life on a daily basis, I decided to take my wife’s advice and book a session with Erika, approaching the experience with an open mind. I spent 90 minutes with Erika & discussed a number of issues and circumstances that I am facing in life at the moment. It was a very cathartic and interesting experience and certainly gave me multiple insights not only about myself, but also about my personal and professional life at the moment. Erika is a compassionate listener and very insightful. She lead the discussion in directions that I would not have considered and did a number of techniques with me to clear blockages in my thought process and understanding of my wants, needs and beliefs. She made me view my current situation (professional change happening) in a completely different light as to what I had been doing and turned it into a positive, creative and exciting space. I felt energised, motivated and most importantly excited about life once we had finished. I believe that through individuals like Erika and the wisdom and experience that she can offer through her Theta Healing that everybody can benefit if they are willing to set aside their preconceived ideas and embrace the experience. It is quite telling that women are open to such experiences while men tend to shy away from them. Step out of your comfort zone and try this with Erika, I have no doubt that you will be pleasantly surprised by what you learn, experience and feel. We will be returning to Bali in the near future and I will definitely be tracking down Erika for another Theta session. Thanks Erika.
Murray: Husband, Father, Businessman

South Africa

After a series of synchronistic events I booked a Theta healing session with Erika at Taksu in Ubud. I’ve tried lots of different healing modalities, done readings, astrology & workshops all around the world, but I didn’t know that much about Theta healing or what to expect from my session with Erika…but WOW, did that exceed all my expectations or what?!? Erika helped me get to the bottom of some of my core programs & beliefs that had kept me feeling stuck, limited and not knowing how to move forward, programs & beliefs I didn’t even knew I had, let alone was running my life! She cleared them easily, quickly and with total grace, with no pain involved or having to re-live some of the painful memories. I left the session feeling extremely light, like a big burden had been lifted from my shoulders, and confident in myself and my own strengths! Days afterwards I was still noticing lots of subtle changes in my thinking, feeling & behaviour, and I know that it’s going to lead to new, positive lifestyle changes for myself. I’m so grateful to have met Erika, such a beautiful & gentle Soul, and the healing she does is going to leave a lasting impact on you. I can highly recommend anyone to book a session with Erika, I promise that you won’t regret it!! With Love, Anna


This is the highlight of my experiences in Ubud this time. I can’t thank you Erika enough for this amazing experience. I came to Ubud without any idea about booking any healing sessions. What I wanted and what I looked for was solutions for all the problems in my life. All of them. I collected a brochure about theta healing and read the wonderful experiences people had after doing one or more session. I contacted Erika by email and I booked for one session, and ended up going through 3 sessions with her. 
If you have the same old pattern in your family, relationship or any aspects in your life that won’t go away, this method was very effective. I felt stuck when I came for my first session, with a lot of questions bothering me but after 1.5 hour session it turn out the other way. I learned that I attracted all those bad things in my life and Erika patiently helped me to go through all those traumas once again and shifted them and installed new beliefs into my system.

I don’t remember when was the last time I feel so happy and loved. But that’s what I felt after few days session with Erika. I can’t stop crying after the session, feeling grateful for all the answers to my questions during this healing. I felt free, that finally all the blockages were lifted from me.

This is maybe not the cheapest healing at all, I have to warn you, especially if you decide to go for 3 or 5 sessions, but if you are stuck in your life and trying hard to find a way out, you need to give it a try. 
Thank you Erika, until we meet again soon! Can’t wait to join the courses!



I’d only heard of Theta Healing about two weeks before the course with Erika and am so happy I decided to take both the beginning and advanced courses.

The class was so amazing and the people taking the class were great too.

These are tools you can use on yourself and are perfect if you are going through a transformation or want to make changes in the belief systems you carry.

I’ll remember these two weekends forever.



Theta Healing with Erika changed my life!
I realise that this headline is a pretty wild claim, but I can honestly say that the work I have done with Erika – in private sessions and in workshops – has completely changed the way I think about my life and all the patterns that have brought me to where I am now.

If you are feeling stuck, Theta Healing with Erika can help you to get unstuck quickly and painlessly. No lengthy periods of psychotherapy required!

Erika has a gift for gently facilitating some profound realisations and connections between the way you are living your life now and your deep beliefs, and helping you to shift those beliefs to ones that will really support you in your life. She does this in such a joyful and respectful way that you will be making changes with ease from the moment you walk out of your session.

With even a basic understanding of Theta Healing and how beliefs are formed, you can start to see your life patterns – in relationships, in work, in the way you think – as the direct result of a collection of beliefs that you picked up as a child.

Spending time with Erika to work through some of these patterns is honestly the best thing I have ever done for myself. I would recommend it from my heart to anyone who is feeling lost, or dissatisfied, or mystified at why things just aren’t working out for them.

If I was coming to Ubud with the intention of making some shifts in my life – in my health, in my attitude to money, in my self image, or any number of other things – I would highly recommend making an appointment with Erika for Day 1, and let your Ubud journey unfold from there.



Like many of the Tripadvisor members wanting to visit Bali/Ubud to retreat and recharge from their busy lifestyles, I too scrolled through the interesting sight seeing activities and spa’s on this site. I stumbled across Taksu Spa in Ubud and the Theta Healing sessions of Erika. After reading the reviews, and at the same time walking around with an unexplainable feeling of being stuck in certain areas of life, I knew it would be worth taking at least 1 session with Erika.

1 session ended up in 6!
Erika’s Healing sessions will allow you to look into your belief systems, how these match with your desires and life path and how these affect your everyday life. Erika has a very gentle and open approach to take you through your own ‘Blockages’ and helps you either lift them or see them from a different angle. You will feel a shift in mindset instantly and it will reflect in your daily lives immediately. Erika provides a very friendly, open and loving platform/environment, which will make you at ease and able to discuss anything you want really.

I can’t thank Erika enough for giving me my joy and vitality back, a smile and positive energy that will hopefully be contagious for everyone around me.

All I will say is you would do yourself a favour booking at least 1 session with Erika even if you are not sure what you would like to address. She has a gift of tuning in to whatever you need at this point in life and doing ‘the bottom up work’ together will only be a blessing for yourself as well as your environment!

Erika, thank you again for our sessions and know that we might be done with ours but I am sending over my entire network to experience your healing! 🙂


The Netherlands

I had agoraphobia for 22 years and after Erika’s healing I felt freedom again, and of course still do. Her session was amazing, she is so much fun, wise and understanding. I recommend this to anyone who wants to be healed in any sort of way. I loved her approach and her directness, but also her ability to be sensitive and empathic. She is a goddess to me 😉 and knows exactly how to deal with issues. Her Theta Healing is without suffering and pain, plain and simple, and transforms you in ways you can never imagine until you’ve tried it.
After hundreds of western and holistic therapies, this one was what cracked the code and I’m so grateful to her. Thank you so much Erika, you’re the best!

The Netherlands

Profound and effective healing sessions with Erika
I had been looking for something that could help me to take the next step in my self confidence and self-worth. I choose to do a session with Erika and I am so happy I did! What happened in the sessions was beyond my expectations.

It surprised me how quickly Erika came to the core of my limiting beliefs, and how easily they were removed. I decided to work with her for 5 sessions, which allowed me to go really deep and work on things that were limiting me without me knowing it.

The days after the sessions were wonderful, I felt a lot of emotional release and slept really deep, waking up feeling revitalized and ‘new’. Now, a couple of weeks later I really see the effect on my daily functioning. Every time I tend to go into an old pattern, her words and the new belief systems come into my mind. Without a lot of effort, I am implementing what I have transformed in the sessions. Exited to see what happens in the future, now the old destructive believe systems are gone and replaced with healthy ones.

Erika is a very loving, wise woman and I absolutely loved working with her. Totally recommend doing a session with her. Even if you have done a lot of personal development work already, she will take it to the next level. Whatever it is that you want to work on, you are in the right hands here. 🙂


The Netherlands

I have had a good amount of healing work done before. But boy does Erika work magic. I instantly felt so comfortable and welcomed into her space she was able to open me up and connect lingering questions I felt like she really wanted to help and it was not about money at all just her love for her job and her gift I highly suggest going and seeing her.


Amazing experience and gift
Erika is amazing, loving and warm-hearted person. In my session I felt embraced by her loving energy and compassion. She helped me overcome my inner barriers and she helped me to let go of the things and people I do not need to carry with me anymore. I highly recommend Erika to anyone who is looking for personal transformation or who has some beliefs which are limiting living happy life.


Theta Healing with Erika, Go For It
Just recently I received a Theta Healing Session fro Erika, it was fantastic. I’ve been on my spiritual journey for 30 years and I’m sceptical about new modalities. I’m delighted to say that Erika’s work with Theta is just wonderful. I night=ly recommend her and this modality. Erika is sharp, very sharp and so kind and gentle, a potent mix. I’ll go again when I’m ready. I’d love to attend one of her training events too.


Erika will transform your life!
Erika Johansson was recommended to me by a friend and I now can’t recommend her highly enough. After each session, I felt uplifted, with a renewed clarity and understanding of myself, thanks to Erika’s insights and gentle guidance. Erika is incredibly warm and instantly makes you feel at ease, as if talking to an old friend. I’m so pleased our paths crossed and I’ve experienced her wonderful healing. It really is a life changing experience.


Finding Erika was a great gift
Erika Johansson has helped me beyond words and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a powerfully transformative experience. She helped me immensely at a time when I felt stuck and blocked in old repeating patterns. She is an incredibly warm, genuine and accessible guide who I instantly felt I had known forever. The sessions are intensely personal and allow you to open up and release knowing Erika is there to lead and support you all the way. I feel so incredibly lucky to have worked with Erika, she is a gift to the world of healing.


Erika is amazing, I am beyond grateful for my session with her – mine was absolutely life changing!! Two days after releasing a deeply held self limiting belief, I was able to to finally let go of self sabotaging behaviour, which brought me back to my full power. Erika is such a warm, and loving person, holding the transformational space with love and compassion and her intuition is absolutely spot on! She truly is a gift. 



Erika is a manifesting GENIOUS!

If you ever get the chance to work with Erika, DO it


Cannot believe how easy it was to get efficient help with all that old stuff within that I thought was “impossible” to deal with!