“It’s not a matter of recreating the Sun. It’s simply a matter of removing the clouds.”
– Trungpa Rimpoche



We are soooo excited to bring the ThetaHealing certifying courses with Erika M Johansson for the first time all the way from Bali – where Erika is based year round – to Brussels! Erika will be teaching the to foundational courses, i.e. Basic and Advanced DNA:


Basic DNA: July 26-27-28, 2019 – Brussels

You already have the code to live a happy and abundant life but it is often overlaid with negative learning, beliefs, and patterns that limit our experience and stop you from living the life you truly want. With Erika Johansson & ThetaHealing you will learn how to easily and effortlessly release any limiting experiences, beliefs or patterns. How to access and activate the code that naturally creates an abundant, happy and joyful life.

This is a very hands on course and you will come away with the most extraordinary tools to help yourself and others to instantly deal with any life challenges and recreate a life of true joy!

Following completion of this course you will be a certified Theta Healing® Practitioner.

Advanced DNA: August 2-3-4, 2019 – Brussels

In this further training in Theta Healing, we will expand on the techniques you learned in the Basic DNA course. You will hone your skills and gain the awareness and confidence to do deep and powerful healings on yourself and others. To easily release the blocks that were previously hidden and assertively install new and beneficial belief systems.

Throughout the three days, you will be receiving continuous downloads of new feelings and positivity. You will come away on a much higher frequency allowing profound healings and with a sense of lightness and true joy!

Following completion of this course you will be a certified Theta Healing® Advanced Practitioner. Prerequisite for this course is the ThetaHealing Basic DNA, with

Erika or with another ThetaHealing Instructor.

We always recommend taking ThetaHealing Basic DNA and ThetaHealing Advanced DNA together, as in one after the other. These two courses complement each other beautifully and will give you the foundation of this extraordinary healing modality. You will come out understanding the technique and be able to use it confidently on yourself and others with great results. We really see the difference in people when they have gone through both Basic and Advanced. And as we would like you to have amazing results from these courses would like to help a little so we are offering a 70€ discount when booking and paying for both courses.

Who are these courses for?

This certification is ideal for Coaches, Therapists, Healers, Trainers, anyone involved in wellness and personal growth as well as for parents and teachers. That being said, many participants join this course simply to learn how to use ThetaHealing on themselves and get the life they really want (and deserve)! ThetaHealing can significantly and effortlessly transform your life!

Your investment:

– Early Bird price: 400€ per module (book and pay before June 15)
– Regular price: 450€ per module (book and pay after June 15)

Book and pay for both modules:
– 730€ for the two modules instead of 900€ (book and pay before June 15)
– 830€ for the two modules instead of 900€ (book and pay after June 15)

Apart from the course itself the price includes all day herbal & black teas, coffee and water and of course your official ThetaHealing® Certificate and book. Prices do not include lunch.


Learn ThetaHealing with Erika Johansson.

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– Centre Les Sources – rue Kelle 48 – 1200 Bruxelles – Belgique
– Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/Ux3fYXjSUZM2

The center is conveniently located, very quiet and is specialised in hosting activities related to the growth of the human being through health, spirituality, energy work or body practices. Needless to say that we will be in very good hands there! The bright and beautiful wooden-floored room can host up to 30 participants.


I highly recommend the ThetaHealing with Erika. My life has changed drastically, from failure and depression to happiness and success. Truly amazing stuff! I cannot recommend this highly enough, I’ve been doing things like this for over 10 years, and I’ve never come across something this effective when it comes to freeing yourself from negative patterns of belief. It’s like “karma-clear”, swish and it’s gone! – Sindre V.


Watch testimonials from previous students who have learned with Erika: http://bit.ly/YouTubeErika

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Muscle testing

You will learn to perform very efficient muscle testing as your gateway to access the subconscious mind.