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“It’s not a matter of recreating the Sun.

It’s simply a matter of removing the clouds.”

– Trungpa Rimpoche

After two very successful courses in Brussels in 2019 – we had 20 students, 7 different nationalities – we are beyond excited to bring ThetaHealing, for the second time, all the way from Bali (where Erika is based) to Brussels.

Theta Healing® Basic DNA: July 9, 10, 11 – 2021

Theta Healing® Advanced DNA: July  14, 15, 16 – 2021

Theta Healing® Dig Deeper: July 19, 20 – 2021 

Theta Healing® Manifesting & Abundance: July 23, 24 – 2021

Theta Healing® Soulmate: July 27, 28 – 2021

We take two days off in between each module for optimum integration and rest, as we will go through some very deep personal work.

If you are thinking about which courses to take, we always recommend taking all five modules. Based on our experience over the years, we have observed that students who take all five modules in a row, experience a deep and irreversible shift in their lives, relationships, health, mindset and also in their work and/or business.

If for some reason you are not able to do all five, we recommend taking ThetaHealing Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, and DigDeeper. These three courses complement each other beautifully and will give you the foundation of this extraordinary healing modality. You will come out understanding the technique in-depth, and be able to use it confidently on yourself and others with great results. We see the difference in people when they have gone through these three courses. You will then also have the certifications needed for all other ThetaHealing courses.

As we would like you to have amazing results from these courses and get the most of your investment, we offer a special discount when you book and pay all five modules from the start.

Theta Healing®

Practical Info

– There is no prerequisite to attend the Basic DNA course
– Each module after that can be taken provided you have taken the previous one
– Manifesting & Abundance and/or SoulMate can be taken after having attended DigDeeper

The course starts at 9am and finishes at 6pm with a 1,5-hour break for lunch. There will be a coffee break in the morning and in the afternoon.

The course is being taught in English by Erika. Translation into French or Dutch when needed, but a good command of English is requested to comfortably attend this course and get the most out of Erika’s teachings and the group’s sharing.

Kindly contact us to receive our prices for these courses.
WhatsApp +62 813 3977 0008

Discount for Repeaters:
If you have already taken any of these courses with Erika or another certified ThetaHealing® teacher and would like to revisit you receive a 50% Repeat discount

We prefer Bank transfer (UK account), with an option of payments through PayPal. Contact us for details on both these payment methods.


We will confirm the venue in the next few weeks but rest assure that the course will take place in or around Brussels.


Questions? We are happy to help!

ThetaHealing with Erika Johansson.

I have done about 50 courses in the last 4 years and Erika is hands down the best teacher I’ve ever had!! For me I’m not a fan of having our heads stuck in a manual reading ….sooo boring and I drift away. Erika is so knowledgeable we didn’t really need to go near our manuals and I never got bored or tuned out she is so fun, bubbly and engaging! I learnt soooo much, met incredibly special souls and also had some amazing breakthroughs and healings myself ! I strongly recommend having a theta healing immersion with the divine Erika.

– Belle B, Australia

Watch testimonials from previous students who have learned with Erika:

Theta Healing®

How to book

How to book your courses:
Space is limited and courses typically fill up fast, Erika is also giving less courses this year so we highly recommend registering as soon as possible to secure your spot.
Email us:
WhatsApp: Valerie +32 499 34 69 38